Romanian Guitar All Stars_2016 – Manic Depression

This is our way to honour and salute our friends and fellows from Wroclaw, Poland, greeting the 2016 Thanks Jimi Festival.

This is NOT a multitrack recording! We employed four Rode NT5 omnidirectional microphones for the purpose of matter, in order to capture the natural ambiance of the room.

The sitting order of partaking artist, counter clock wise from the drum set is:

Titi Herescu – drums
Virgil Popescu – bass
Nicu Patoi – guitar
Alberto Bolocan – guitar
AG Weinberger – guitar

This footage took place at Sysound Studio in Bucharest on April 17, 2016 – by the curtesy of sound engineer extraordinaire, Mihai Pop.

Filmed and edited by Rock House Events – by the curtesy of Cristian Radu Nema and Michi Bianca.

Thank you guys for helping us sharing this wonderful experience!

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